Rapid growing of Information and Technology sector has been described by expedience and in the 21th century people are conveying smart technology in their lives faster than ever. So we are approving this by establishing Univision LLC as subsidiary of Mongolian Unitel LLC with 100% investment of, in Information and Technology industry. It is our pleasure to deliver latest brand new technology, Triple play service of IPTV, internet, phone for all households in Ulaanbaatar,

Let us introduce our brand new technology, Triple play service: one of our Triple play service is IPTV, it is the best technology gives you the great opportunities of being interactive with your TV, choosing and watching any videos from VOD, making time shift, restart TV, catch up TV your TV programs whenever you want and watching your HD and SD local and international TV channels with high quality.

Our second service is internet. And it is the latest internet service which is offering highest broadband, highest quality and Wi- Fi technology which is able to be connected anywhere you want, with GPON technology.

New generation fixed phone service will support you with reliable connectivity during 24\7 and will offer to make calls with cheapest calling tariff that lower your expenditures. Information and Technology Company, Univision LLC is offering above brand new Triple play service for you and your family, we are delivering our services with stable and safe local network connections through high quality fiber optic cable. You may ask our call center number 77118811 whether your apartment has fiber optic network or not or check If your apartment has not been connected to fiber optic network yet, you could tell your request of connecting your apartment to fiber optic network to the same address above. We aim to deliver high quality service to all households and corporate in Ulaanbaatar. In case we have initiated our packages and pricing system by making a lot of studies on market. So you can be free to choose our segmented products.