Corporate customers

Univision Company will deliver the best solution of communication based on your Company’s needs. We provide special price offer to your company.

Our service:

Reason to choose IPTV:

You could take IPTV service in anywhere you want at office, hotel, restaurant, lounge, and pub and by taking IPTV service there will be a new connection between your Company and your precious customers and will create more comfortable, successful service. And also you could receive latest news and information through International and local best TV channels.

Telecommunication service \Fixed phone, mobile phone\

We could support your Company with Unitel Corporation’s mobile phone service and Univision Company’s fixed phone service which has cheapest calling tariff with safe network.

Internet service

24/7 internet service with high quality and high speed will be needed for all Corporate and we will provide you qualified internet service through high speed fiber optic network.


Your company will be available to receive IPTV, Internet, and Phone service through fiber optic network which has specially built for your company.

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