Triple play service is the bundle of services of IPTV, internet and fixed phone that cheaper and have more abilities. A customer could get triple play service through one fiber optic cable.

Юнивишн-ТВ-ийн энгийн суваг ба HD сувгийн ялгаа


Title of content
  • A. Smart box Switches one fiber optic cable to 3 for IPTV, Internet, phone and also creates wi- Fi zone
  • B. HD box Device to be connected between TV set and home gateway, and it encodes voice and video.


Time shift.

  • Stop your TV programs during 0-2 hours and continue from where you have stopped.
  • Restart your TV programs
  • Rewind TV programs through 72 hours.
  • Note: A customer could use this service just on ongoing programs.

Catch up tv:

Customer is able to watch any program that have broadcasted in 72 hours.


Customer is able to record and save ongoing program or could set recording reminder on the program that will broadcast in the future.

Parental control:

It is a value added service for Parents that limits to watch certain channels and videos for their children.


It is a brand new service that gives an opportunity to rent and watch various kinds of videos with Mongolian and English subtitles.